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New Hereford 'museum' to showcase city's hidden treasure


A city’s hidden, historic treasures are to be relocated from their home in a “damp” vault to a new “museum”.

The vault at Hereford’s town hall is confined, dark and difficult to access, meaning viewing the city’s silver and charters is by appointment only.

But plans have been approved to spend £75,000 on sharing the items in a new display area in the building.

They will be nearer other treasures, including a sword with the Game of Thrones-sounding name “King’s Steel”.

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That sword, also known as The Mourning Sword – thought to have been presented to the city by Henry VIII – is currently on display within a cabinet in the mayor’s parlour houses.

The city council wants to create an accessible, “purpose built museum” by moving the vault’s silver and charters – the earliest of which dates back to 1189 – to the unused mayoress’s parlour in the same suite.

The new-look display will be funded by:

  • £40,000 saved in the budget for the Tourist Information Centre
  • £20,000 of lottery funding, subject to a successful application
  • £15,000 from the council budget

Out of 18 city councillors, 11 voted in favour of the project, the Hereford Times reported.

The council said: “Coaches of tourists are dropped off outside the town hall almost daily to view the historic building’s magnificent architecture – completely unbeknown to them are the city’s treasures and deep-seated history stored in the vault in the basement below them.

“These treasures should be accessible to all; every school trip, every tour party and every group who visit the town hall should be able to see the city’s fascinating collection.”

It is hoped the project will be completed by spring 2018.

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